Monthly Archives: December 2016

Release 15 available

We are happy to announce that release 15 is now available in the Windows Store. Some of the new features are the ability to use slides in a quick recording, to pause and continue a recording, and being able to quickly go forward and backward in the re-designed control palette. See our previous post for a more complete list of the new features. We think that this release will substantially increase your productivity in iXplain. We have been working for more than a year to implement the new features, but we used most of our time in re-engineering large parts of the app. Because of this we made good progress in increasing the stability of iXplain resulting in fewer crashes.

So if you didn’t have a look already, go to the Windows Store app and check for updates there. You can check the version of iXplain on your device by going to the Settings page in the start screen, and selecting the About option. Our current version is 15.0.45, but this number will increase if new updates are available.

So we hope that all the new features and improvements are useful. Let us now what you think of the new release. As always, we appreciate any feedback.

Hope this helps,

iXplain Business Edition

iXplain is available in Windows Store for Business, which does not support in-app purchases. Because of that, users were not able to use the ‘Pro features’. In order to fix this we are going to introduce a new app called ‘iXplain Business Edition’ which will be available in the Windows Store for Business. iXplain Business Edition is the same as the free version of iXplain including the ‘Pro features’. Organizations, like schools and businesses, who use the Windows Store for Business to acquire and distribute apps, will be able to use iXplain with features like slides an images.

iXplain Business Edition will be a paid app with a trial period of 7 days. The introduction price will be the same as the price of the in-app purchase ‘Pro features’ of the free version of iXplain. We will release iXplain Business Edition shortly after the release 15.0 if iXplain, which is scheduled for this month. The free version of iXplain will then be removed from the business store.

Hope this helps