iXplain is a pencasting app for recording a lesson, a presentation, or just to explain something quick and easy. In iXplain you can explain in a natural way by drawing and using your voice. The drawing and your voice is recorded and can be saved to an iXplain file or can be exported to an mp4 file which can be easily shared by email, cloud storage, or social media.

Quick pencast

You can create a quick pencast in which you draw and use your voice at the same time. This way you can explain something very quickly. If you are not happy with the result, you just start over again.

Voice over pencast

The other option is to create a pencast in two steps. You start by drawing where you have a lot of editing possibilities to finetune the timing of the drawing. In the second step you record a voice over on the drawing done in the first step. This is a good option if the drawing is complex or if you want to plan the pencast well. If you are not happy with the result, you can record another voice over without having to draw again.

Share a pencast

The pencast can be saved to an iXplain file which can be shared with anyone who has the app iXplain installed. Because it is just a file it can be send by email, saved to a local disk, network folder, or cloud storage like OneDrive or Dropbox. A recording can also be exported into mp4 video files. Because the video files are in the common mp4 format, they can be easily shared and viewed by people with different computers, tablets or phones, or upload to platforms like YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo.

Get it from the Microsoft Store

iXplain is a free app where you can create a quick pencast in which you can draw and explain, save the pencast to an iXplain file, and export the pencast to an mp4 video file. When you acquire the add-on Pro Features, you can create a 'voice-over' pencast, use images and slides, place a custom logo in the video file, and other features. iXplain is available in the Microsoft Store:


iXplain Pro is a paid app and is the same as the free version plus the add-on Pro Features. This version is available in the Microsoft Store. iXplain Pro is also available in the Microsoft Store for Business and Education in order for organizations to easily acquire a full version of iXplain in volume, manage licenses, and distribute the app to individuals and groups.