The iXplain app will not gather any information stored on your device. This means that when using the iXplain app, no personal information like email address, contacts, or calendar data, or any other personal information is gathered by the iXplain app.


When using the iXplain app, it collects usage telemetry, including the type of recordings and selected options. This information gives insight in how the app is used and how to improve the app. This telemetry data is uploaded to an analytics server.

iXplain does not in any case collect, use, or transmit any personal information. iXplain does not in any case collect the recordings, the content of recordings, or extract data from the content of the recordings.

If you don’t want to participate in the program for collecting telemetry data, go to the Settings menu item on start page in the app, select the ‘Telemetry’ menu item, en switch off the ‘Enable Telemetry’ toggle switch.

Last updated 24th November 2016