The current version of iXplain has two features which can be obtained by an in-app purchase. One feature is being able to use images in a recording. The other feature is the possibility of using a custom logo in the video when exporting the recording. However these two features had to be obtained through separate in-app purchases. We realized that this separation of features is sometimes confusing.

In order to make it simple, we introduce the ‘Pro Feature’. With the ‘Pro Feature’ one can use all the functionality of iXplain, including the existing ‘Images’ and ‘Custom Logo’ feature. Besides the existing features, the ‘Pro Feature’ will include also any additional functionality which will be added in the future to iXplain.

When adding an image to a recording or a custom logo to a video, iXplain will ask you if you would like to buy the ‘Pro Feature’ by choosing the ‘Buy Pro Feature’ button, see image below. If you would like to try out the feature before purchasing it, you can choose the ‘Not now’ option. It will allow you to use the option of adding an image or a custom logo, but when exporting the video, the exported video will contain the ‘Pro Feature’ watermark.


The ‘Pro Feature’ is purchased only once and can be used for every subsequent recording. Users who have purchased the ‘Images’ or ‘Custom Logo’ features will automatically be upgraded to the ‘Pro Feature’. So if you just bought ‘Images’ but not ‘Custom Logo’, you can also you use the ‘Custom Logo’ feature without any additional cost.

The ‘Pro Feature’ will be available in the next version of iXplain, which will be released on 1st September. Be sure to update the iXplain app, to be able to use it. As an introduction price the ‘Pro Feature’ can purchased in September for only 0,99 EUR (or equivalent price in currency available in your country).