In Release 13.0 we improved the saving of recordings and videos, and made it more intuitive to maintain them on your system.

When saving a recording or exporting a video, the current version of iXplain will check if there is already a recording or video with the same name. If there is, it will ask if you want to override the recording or video. When you are working on a recording which you didn’t save yet, or changed after the last save, and you go back to the start page, iXplain will ask you if you want to save the current recording. This way you won’t loose any work done on a recording because one accidently hit the back button.

The start page lists besides the exported videos, also the recordings. When selecting a recording or a video in the start page, one can rename the recording or video through a button in the appbar. When you have a lot of recordings or videos, scrolling might not be sufficient to find the one you are looking for. Now there is a possibility to go to a search page where you can search by name for both recordings and videos.

Hope this helps,