On a regular base users of iXplain experienced crashes when starting the iXplain app or when saving a recording. The root cause is still not clear as it happened only on a small percentage of devices where the app is installed. Default iXplain saves the recordings and videos in the subfolders of the standard ‘Videos’ folder of the user. In the file explorer one can see the ‘iXplain videos’ subfolder in the ‘Videos’ folder, where the videos are saved. The ‘iXplain videos’ folder has a ‘Recordings’ subfolder where the recordings are saved. The crash happens when the ‘Videos’ folder for some unknown reason is not accessible anymore.

Release 14.2 gives the user a simple workaround, by giving the opportunity to change the location of where the recordings or videos are saved. When iXplain can not access the default location in the ‘Videos’ folder, the user is presented a dialog where the user can select a folder for both recordings and videos. iXplain uses different locations for both the recordings and videos, so the user has to pick a folder twice. For example one could choose a OneDrive folder in order to have your recordings and videos automatically backed up.

Off course the user can also change the locations through an option in the ‘Recording Library’ page and ‘Video Library’ page. When swiping from the bottom, there is the button in the appbar to set the folder. When choosing this option all recordings and videos are copied to the new location.

Hope this helps, Ronald