We are excited to finally share some news on iXplain. It has been a while since our last main release more than a year ago. So we are happy to be able to let you know that we are in the last phase of releasing a new version of iXplain.

It contains a lot of features which substantially increases the productivity in iXplain. Internally we call it the ‘Productivity Release’. We had to re-engineer large parts of the app in order to implement those features, but also to create a solid base, ready for the future. So although you haven’t heard from us for a long time, we have put a lot of effort in iXplain. The features are not yet available, but will be available on the short term.

We will give you a peek of the new features you can expect.

Windows 10 and the Universal App Platform

Microsoft introduced the Universal App Platform with Windows 10. The next version of iXplain will be a Universal app. This means that iXplain can run on any device running Windows 10, including Windows 10 Mobile. As an introduction feature, we decided that if you are using iXplain on a mobile, you can use an image without having to purchase ‘Pro Features’.

Basic Windows functionality

We redesigned the app in order to be in line with the Windows 10 style. The startpage is redesigned in particular. It is now possible to pin recordings in the startpage. The startpage contains a recent list of recording where the most recent used recordings are listed first. iXplain now supports basic features you would expect of any application running on a Windows device and which will enhance your productivity. For example you can organize your recordings by saving them to any folder on your system. You can double-click iXplain files in order to open them. If you have purchased the ‘Pro Features’, you can right-click an image and start explaining immediately.

Pause and continue

One of the most requested features was the possibility to pause and continue a recording. In fact any recording can be continued, also if the recording is opened from a file which was send to you by someone else. This creates possibilities of working together on a recording with multiple users. When a recording is paused, but still in recording mode, obviously the voice is not recorded. But when paused, one can still draw on the canvas.


Another feature which was requested frequently, was the possibility to create slides in a quick recording. The slide list is a list of thumbnail of all the slides, which lets you easily switch between slides while recording. This enables the scenario where you want to go on a side track while explaining something, but being able to return to a previous drawing. The slides feature is now only available when you have purchased the ‘Pro Features’.

Control palette redesign

The control palette in which you start and stop a recording, or start or stop playing back a recording is redesigned slightly. The pausing and continuing of a recording, discussed before is done with a new button in the control palette. This button also lets you easily go back- and forward in a recording, by rotating it around the control palette. This going back- and forward is not just available in a base recording, but also in a quick recording. And not just while pausing a recording, but also while recording your voice. This allows for even more freedom while explaining something.

Limiting the free version

We decided to limit the free functionality of iXplain. In previous releases it was possible to use images even when the user had no ‘Pro Features’ license. The exported video would contain the text ‘Preview’. In the next release it is not possible to use images at all without a ‘Pro Features’ license. This is the same for slides in a base recording. We still think that the free functionality is useful for the occasional user, and to get an idea of what is possible with iXplain.


With the introduction of the new release, we will also be increase the in-app purchase ‘Pro Features’ to USD5.99 or the equivalence in your country. We are planning to release the new version on the short term. Hopefully, if all goes according plan, somewhere mid-december.

Insider program

With this release we also introduce an insider program, which lets users get access to the latest bits. If you are interested, please let us know.

Hope this helps,