iXplain is a free app with the add-on ‘Pro’. In the current release one can use images or the camera on the phone without the add-on ‘Pro’. We decided that in the next release these features will only be available when you have purchased the add-on ‘Pro’. Other features which will not be available in the free version is being able to do a voice over pencast and choosing the resolution when exporting the pencast to an mp4 video file. In the free version one can still create a quick pencast, save the pencast, and export the pencast to an mp4 file. We think that the free features of iXplain is still useful for the occasional user, and to get familiar with pencasting and what is possible with iXplain.

The next release of iXplain is scheduled to be released on the short term. Because of limiting the free version of iXplain, the add-on ‘Pro’ will be available with a 20% discount for USD 4.99 until the end of March.