Today we released version 15.2 of iXplain and iXplain Pro. This release contains a new feature for pausing the playback of the pencast while continuing recording the voice-over. This video tutorial will show some scenario’s of how to use the new feature.

The reason we introduced this feature, is that when doing a voice over, at some point you might want to explain or elaborate on something during your pencast while you want the playback of the pencast to pause. If you don’t know exactly beforehand how long you will actually need before continuing the playback, this new feature will allow you to pause and continue the playback during the recording of the voice-over.

This version also contains a number of bugfixes as described in the release notes . We re-engineered some core parts of the app related to the graphics engine which makes drawing of lines smoother. Exporting a pencast to an mp4 video will now take less time.

Hope this helps, Ronald